Customer retention and satisfaction

Win back Customers

You want to win back former customers? You have an interesting offer that might convince them to become a new client again? We will call the entire list of former customers and try to win them back.

Claims Processing

Some of your customers have called you several times with a specific, recurring problem? You fear that these customers might switch to one of your competitors? We will perform proactive retention and call them to ask if their problem has actually been solved.

Customer retention

Some of your customers have communicated their intention to end their relationship with your company? You want to perform extra efforts to convince them to stay? Our advisors will present them a once in a lifetime opportunity that is so unique they will be convinced to stay.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement a company can wish for. We assess the general customer satisfaction with regard to your product or service.

Welcome & Nursing Calls

You want to welcome your new customers in a personal way? Or you want to make sure that your client has received your product? Our advisors will call them personally to welcome them again, to thank them for their confidence or to check if they have actually received your shipment.