In The Netherlands, IPG is one of the leaders within the telecom industry in the contact center market.

As no other, IPG knows that increasing the ‘customer value’ and decreasing the ‘cost to serve’ are the key words within the sector. On top of that, the new Telecom law in force since 1 October 2012 revolutionizes the Telecom industry. Committing customers for a certain period of time is not an option anymore for performing retention. Today, the customers of Telecom providers are yet again ‘king’, which requires a well-founded contact center service.

Within this sector, we handle the complete customer lifecycle. From the selection of customers to securing them, keeping them satisfied and valorising customers; IPG does it all. With our Telecom experience, we know as no other, how to capitalize the new marketing approach in this specific market. Selling packages via telesales and convincing former customers to take another chance with their old familiar telecom provider are only a small part of our record of achievements.

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What does IPG do for Fiber ? is a fiberglass provider that has trusted IPG The Netherlands with all its customer care services: customer support, sales, retention and technical support. We also take care of the second-line activities: chat, e-mail and ticket handling.

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