Technology (ICT)

Technology evolves fast. What was up-to-the-minute yesterday might already be out of date tomorrow. Sectors evolving and transforming at cruising speed, amongst other things, benefit from a customer service that answers all the questions involved in marketing innovative products and services. On top of that, the competition is always lurking around the corner. Each company wants to get a piece of the pie by launching a similar product.

IPG The Netherlands  has a varied portfolio of customers belonging to the technology sector. Also the services we are extending are very diverse: from customer service to telesales and customer retention.

Our advisors work with a high-tech infrastructure going hand in hand with your hunger for innovation. They manage your entire range of products and services and know to convince your (future) customers to choose for or stay with your brand.

Referrals technology sector

What does IPG do for Geofix ?

Our technical experts solve all kinds of computer related problems including removing viruses and mot tests. They answer questions about software and Internet Connections. When assistance by phone or remote control can’t fix the problem, they plan an appointment with a technician.

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What does IPG do for Guidion ?

Our technical specialists take care of the phone calls and solve computer-related problems with the customer. This can be done by the remote control of the customer's PC. For more complex problems, they schedule a visit of a technician in the Guidion client management system.

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What does IPG do for Paradigit ?

We call customers to guide them through the products and extras and to reserve products. We also take care of the order process, complaints and technical support. In collaboration with Paradigit, the information on the website is updated, to make sure the online self-service offers the best possible support.

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