Energy sector

IPG The Netherlands already has a several loyal customer within the energy sector and wants to further qualify itself by intensifying the services for this kind of companies.

Since the liberalisation of the energy market, consumers can freely choose their electricity and gas supplier. The consequence? Free competition. Power companies do not only have to canvass for customers. Retention is also of major importance because it is very easy to change suppliers.

The competitive rivalry between the different players in the energy market is rock-hard, the need to differentiate and in this way building a loyal customer database is huge. And what with the end customer? The end client cannot make head or tail anymore of the immense offer of fixed prices, variable prices, green energy and so on.

Power suppliers attune their prices to another as much as possible and search for an identity of their own. This own identity can for instance exist out of the sheer offering of green energy, but even more out of the professional way in which existing and potential customers are addressed. We can see to it that all the segments of your customer lifecycle are covered, 24/7.

Referrals energy sector

What does IPG do for MKB Veiling ?

Customers who have signed up for information on the collective purchasing of energy are called back and convinced to leave their actual provider. Our experienced consultants can send them tailor-made proposals, discuss the advantages and, if necessary, calculate the customer's energy consumption.

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