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What does IPG do for Texaco ?

Our advisors answer phone calls and e-mail messages from Texaco customers about the Rocks loyalty program. If needed, we can immediately allocate points and tell the customers which presents they can get with their points.

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What does IPG do for SLOOPdeCRISIS ? enables the Dutch people to save money on different services with fixed charges, such as energy, insurance, healthcare, TV + Internet and mobile. Our advisors handle incoming requests by telephone and take care of the e-mail conversations with these customers.

Communication Channels

What does IPG do for Toyota ?

IPG designed a tool to enable more than 100 Toyota-dealers in The Netherlands to call their customers to plan appointments. When they aren’t able to reach a customer or when they’re to busy, our experienced sales advisors call their customers for them and schedule the appointments in the calendar of the different dealers.

Communication Channels